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Casimir D. Bernard
Sedlak and I: my brief life history
  (Wersja polska)

I was born Kazimierz Bernard Dziedzioch on May 17, 1924 in the city of Chorzow, a streetcar ride away from Sosnowiec, the birthplace of professor Wlodzimierz Sedlak.

What has puzzled me for years is the fact that although my parents, Augustyn and Gertruda were born in what in Koenigshutte, which after 1922 became Krolewska Huta, and Chorzow in the early 1930's, I never heard them speak anything but literary Polish, although we were surrounded by the Silesian dialect. My grade school record for the 6 years specifically states that I do not use the "gwara" - the dialect.

My education
My education in the Polish language ended in 1939, with the completion of 9 years. The 3 years of High School were done at the humanistic-classical im. Odrowazow school in Chorzow. My daily use of Polish ended in 1942 with my arrival in the US.

My acceptance into Alliance Junior College in Cambridge Sprs, PA, hinged on my passing the first semester. I was to major in Mechanical Engineering. My first English language course was Freshman Composition. I passed all first semester courses, thus I was able to continue. Here I had a puzzling experience. As part of our English Literature course we were to write a poem. I wrote not only one but two poems. Encouraged by this success I decided to write one in Polish, my native tongue. I could not come up with a topic nor rhyme two lines. Explain that one to me.

In the Spring of 1950 I went to the Urbana, IL campus of the U of I to continue my education. By now I changed my major to Industrial Management. I was still missing a course in English grammar in my record. The final semester already began when I received a call from the Admissions Office telling me that I am missing one credit hour in English, but I can fulfill the requirement by either signing up for a 1 hour English course or taking an exam out of 2 hours of College German, which I did and passed Now, how did they know that I had a background in the German language, by being born in Silesia?

Having decided to stay in USA I legally changed my name to Casimir D.Bernard, after having experienced constant problems with Dziedzioch. I did not want to burden my future children with the problem

Nothing in my formal education indicates my developing interest in the field of biophysics, metaphysics, bioelectronics, and related energy fields. By the time I began translating (Postepy....) my knowledge and interest were sufficient. I believe that my interests have been spurred by the fact that I am an invalid. As a result of reading in the Bulletin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences an article by the English biologist Rupert Sheldrake, to see whether the existence of a phantom limb can be detected. The results and discussion were later published by Dr.Sheldrake in his "Seven Experiments That Could Change The World" first published in 1994 in Great Britain by Fourth Estate Limited, London.

For quite a few years I have been interested in firewalking, as a matter of fact I attended and observed two of them, without participating, for fear as to what might happen to the artificial foot. This concern was shared by the facilitator. However while in New Mexico to see my daughter in 1994 I firewalked, without damage to the High Density Polyurethane Foam which coated the artificial foot, and no damage to the neoprene rubber tip of my cane, which I needed for support and balance.

My article on this experience was published in the July 2003 issue of Paranormal Review a magazine of the Society for Psychical Research

My war related activities
Sometime between May 17 and 28 I participated in 2 patrols, one of them I led (at the age of 16), and got caught in the fire of 2 German machineguns, firing from two directions. In the battle on May 28,1940 a mortar shrapnel tore off my right foot. I was awarded the Virtuti Militari and the Norwegian Krigskorset med Sverd, plus a number of Polish and Norwegian medals. My name is on a plaque on the outer wall of the Garrison Church in Rzeszow, and my decoration scene in Scotland was frequently shown on Polish TV.

What are my memories and reflections about Sedlak? There is not much I can say about him, since we lived on different continents. Although not my background, I was interested in what he wrote, and intuitively knew that we understood each other. With my sister I met him at the Swiety Krzyz monastery. { to zlinkuj z Sedlak -> Fotografie -> W grupie: To dolne z FamilyAndSedlak} On a hunch, I took a healing crystal I had and presented it to him. He was grateful and when he later introduced me to the abbot, he pulled the crystal from his pocket and told the abbot - now I can heal you - and both of them laughed.
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